WeDo Messengers Ltd. Relaunch

Published: June 10th, 2009

WeDo Messengers Ltd.relaunched its business on June 10th, 2009 at the Cancer Society. The company which began as a single man operation in 1987 is now one of the most successful efficient provider of messenger services in the country.

The relaunch represents a period of reinvention and reinvigoration of its core service. The We Do team continues to provide its hallmark of quality customer service and fast, reliable, trustworthy delivery of goods. The values of its founding President Mr. Peter Skinner have been passed on to the younger generation of Skinners assuming leadership within the We Do family business.

According to Mr. Skinner, We Do is currently modernizing and streamlining the efficiency of its operations. The company website which was launched earlier this year provides an in depth analysis of the business and services available to the public.

The world's approach to business has changed; the competition for better, more efficient service has intensified and we are ready to meet the challenge of our time. Our strategy is simple; we will provide a better product that constantly supports the ever-changing needs of our clients. Our clients' primary need is to have their packages delivered with competence and care in time. With the needs of logistics taken care of, the business can then focus on achieving its goal of exceeding its profit margin.

Mr. Roy Thomasson, keynote speaker at the WeDo Messengers Ltd. Relaunch recognized the accomplishments of We Do for more than twenty years of serving clients in the Bahamas. Mr. Thomasson, a primary facilitator in the invention of the messenger firm said "We Do is completely reliable and professional in their services and customers can depend on them to deliver as promised and when promised." He added that there is tremendous potential of young people in the Bahamas as entrepreneurs. The Skinner family demonstrates that over two generations of serious business.

Mr. Darron Cash brought remarks on behalf of the Bahamas Chamber of Commerce. He lauded We Do for its vital role played in the Bahamian economy as a successful small business. "Within the Chamber, we are always delighted to join in celebrating the success of our members."

If you would like more information about WeDo Messengers Ltd., please contact us at (242) 325-2609 or email us at the

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